Lightweight SCBA cylinders for improved first responder performance | Thunderbird Cylinders

Cylinders for life support on left. Fireman on right with tank on his back.


When life is on the line, our SCBA cylinders come to the rescue

We manufacture lightweight cylinders that increase speed and mobility for firefighters and first responders and provide reliability and durability in hazardous industrial situations and during emergencies requiring breathing support.

The largest selection of aluminum gas cylinders in the United States

See our full line of SCBA cylinders, available in a range of size and weight options. We offer the broadest portfolio of high-quality aluminum gas cylinders to safely serve compressed gas market needs.


We manufacture our cylinders using 6061 alloy, an aluminum magnesium-silicon blend that improves durability, fracture toughness, and internal surface conditions.

  • Up to 40% lighter than comparable steel cylinders
  • Rust-free interior and exterior resists scale buildup
  • Corrosion-resistant with no special coatings or finishes required
  • Durable with up to twice the wall thickness of comparable steel cylinders
  • Tightest tolerance on wall thickness in the industry
  • Improved fracture toughness
  • Resistant to tearing and cracking
Life Support Cylinder
Life Support Cylinder close up
[performance under pressure]