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Discover how our cylinders contribute to your success

Whether you need reliable, durable cylinders for medical devices or high-performance cylinders for racing or dependable, lightweight cylinders in emergency situations, Thunderbird Cylinders has an option ideal for your application. Explore the brochures below for in-depth information and technical details about our full line of cylinders.

CO2 Cylinders brochure download


Deepen your knowledge of our clean, corrosion-resistant CO2 and beverage cylinders that provide superior safety and performance.

Fire Extinguisher Cylinders brochure download

Fire Extinguisher

Find all you need to know about our lightweight, easy-to-handle fire extinguisher cylinders that are ready to go when disaster strikes.

Industrial Cylinders brochure download


See the features and attributes that make our range of seamless all-aluminum cylinders ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Life Support Cylinders brochure download

Life Support

Explore the life-saving capabilities of our SCBA cylinders that improve first responders' performance and provide emergency breathing support.

Medical Cylinders brochure download


Learn how our aluminum medical cylinders improve patients' quality of life and the healthcare industry's quality of care.

Paintball Cylinders brochure download


Gain a competitive edge in the paintball arena with our compressed air cylinders that perform to your expectations.

Performance Racing Cylinders brochure download

Performance Racing

Boost the performance of your racing team with a full technical rundown of our nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and CO2 cylinders.

SCUBA Cylinders brochure download


Dive in to technical information and specifications about our SCUBA cylinders that give users more time underwater and more reliable equipment.

Specialty Gas Cylinders brochure download

Specialty Gas

Get full details and in-depth information about our aluminum cylinders for high-pressure storage of specialty, exotic, and high-purity gases.

We'd be happy to discuss your application and how our impact extrusion process can help.

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