Lightweight, pro-grade paintball cylinders for improved performance | Thunderbird Cylinders

Paintball cylinders on left. Close up of paintball player on right.


Lightweight, pro-grade cylinders for the competitive edge

Paintball players need CO2 and compressed air cylinders to perform as expected during competition. Our reliable, lightweight paintball cylinders are easy to handle and contribute to improved player performance.

The largest selection of aluminum gas cylinders in the United States

See our full line of paintball cylinders, available in a wide range of size and weight options. We offer the broadest portfolio of high-quality aluminum gas cylinders to safely serve compressed gas market needs.


Our paintball cylinders are made from 6061 alloy, an aluminum magnesium-silicon blend that improves durability and performance.

  • Manufactured to specifications: DOT 3AL, TC 3ALM, EN1975
  • Standard 5/8″ - 18 UNF thread size
  • Cylinders finished with gloss black powder coating
  • Retest required every 5 years
  • Valve installation available
Paintball cylinder nozzle close up
Paintball cylinder
[performance under pressure]