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Specialty gas cylinders on left. Lab worker on right.


Aluminum cylinders for specialty, exotic, and high-purity gases

Developing and manufacturing a versatile line of lightweight, durable aluminum cylinders for high-pressure storage of highly volatile, exotic, and specialty gases for industrial uses. Our cylinders are designed for applications in which gas stability and purity are essential for the manufacturing of a range of products and industrial applications.

The largest selection of aluminum gas cylinders in the United States

See our full line of specialty gas cylinders, available in a range of size and weight options. We offer the broadest portfolio of high-quality aluminum gas cylinders to safely serve compressed gas market needs.


Our Specialty Gas cylinders are made from 6061 alloy, an aluminum magnesium-silicon blend that improves durability and performance.

  • Up to 40% lighter in weight than comparable steel cylinders
  • Widest range of sizes available, from 0.5-liter to 50-liter cylinders
  • Made to U.S. DOT and Transport Canada standards
  • Corrosion-resistant interior, exterior
  • Available in a range of exterior finishes
Specialty gas cylinder nozzle
Specialty gas cylinder
[performance under pressure]